Ministry of Muscle provides Specialist training in several different areas including Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Martial arts, Strongman and Boxing.

Every coach not only teaches, but has experience in competing not only nationally but internationally in each different area.


If your one of those people that want to get to the gym, but do feel intimidated and not sure as to what you are doing then our mixed martial arts expert and personal trainer could change that for you.

Offering a range of different classes and one to one sessions, our friendly yet professional approach to weight training and mixed martial arts will show you a new way of Ministry of Muscle Gym training.


Strongman has become the in vogue iron sport of the new millennium bringing with it many great champions, most of which were at school when the greats were competing at Strongman. Having been through all aspects of the sports and coming out the other end, we have over 20 years of competitive experience here at the Ministry of Muscle Gym. This is why we are producing champions.


Maidstone has had an illustrious history of creating great powerlifters. We have for a long time created many champions, this process has been taken one step further by combining the knowledge and scientific techniques to increase this tenfold.

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