Opened in August 2006, we are an independent gym that aim to give access to people who for many reasons don’t take regular exercise. We are not part of the “health club” culture that stormed the UK – our gym is individual and, unlike corporate health clubs, we treat our customers as individuals. We aim to get you results, whether you want to lose weight, improve your general fitness or build muscle.

We are a very friendly gym and are proud of our comfortable and easygoing atmosphere. We have a wealth of experience to help you achieve your goals and maintain them.

Unlike other health clubs and gyms that legally have to provide all customers with a “standard” induction programme, we believe that you should receive a personalised fitness programme suited to you and your goals. At regular intervals we will review the programme with you to make sure you’re happy and getting the results that you want. We have a very wide range of equipment to cater for all types of training needs, and are on hand to give dietary and nutritional advice. We have a diverse blend of customers, male and female of all ages and sizes.

Our directors have over 60 combined years of national and international experience in powerlifting, strongman, bodybuilding, rugby, boxing and martial arts. All are experienced coaches and specialists in their own sport and on hand to give expert advice.

Some gyms we love, passionate and dedicated to their field of expertise:

Muscle Up Gym, Southampton

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